Thursday, December 17, 2009

Movie to Book Comparison

"God grew tired of us" is about men who came to the United States from Sudan to make better lives for themselves by getting jobs,going to school,get a place to live things like that. This movie compares to the book "A long way gone" because the boys in the book had to be in the army to fight and kill people for themselves to stay alive. Later in the book they are taken out of sierra leon by UNICEF and brought to the united states. So that is how the movie is connected to the book.

The cultural Differences between Africa and the United States are in Africa they live together as one big family where as in the United States we live only with our own families. In Africa there is mostly a poor people in the environment where as in the United States there is a mixture of poor and wealthy.A huge cultural difference between the two continents is the way that the celebrate Christmas. In Africa they dance around in a circle where as here in the United States we have presents and trees and other things.