Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rebel Glogster

The dystopia trait that Jane Goodall fought against was violence. She did not fight against violence of people she fought against violence of animals. She wanted to prove that violence against animals is the same as violence against people.
I did a Glog on Jane Goodall. She is a primatologist and a naturalist who has fought for animals rights for decades. I chose her because I love animals and I love the things that she does for them. It seems like she cares for animals more than she cares for people. I am a person who has more heart for animals then I do for some people.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

book cover for The Crucible

This is a book that is about witchcraft in the late 1600's. Ignorant young women cause havoc in Salem, Mass. The people in the town think that the devil is in all of these young women because they cause so much mischief. Everything goes wrong when all of the girls are accusing everyone of being witches. This problem causes the town of Salem, Mass to turn into hell itself.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I chose the word prodigious it means like horrible stench. There were a lot of smelly people in the jail cells.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rachel Clinton from Ipswich

She was forced to beg for money, food and things just to get by. Around this time is when she was accused of witchcraft. She was from Ipswich, Mass where she allegedly caused the death of a neighbor just by walking by her. She later died in 1695 desperate for anything.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The word death in this book refers to all the innocent people dying for supposedly being witches. People are put to death or locked up for basically living thats how I see it. People are threatening others with death to bribe them to confess things and to rat on other people who have never done a thing to harm one another in their life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A reflective way of writing

Well this year in high school we have done something different. We have started doing blog posts for our English class and we get graded on them. My opinion of the blog posts in my English class is that they are a very fun new way to write. I know that I hate actually writing by hand it just takes way to long and if I type then the work gets done a lot faster. English is my favorite class I love to write and be creative with it. Doing the blogs makes it that much more creative you can put pictures, videos, and much more neat stuff. I think that my writing has improved a lot from doing the writing this way in class I make less mistakes and get even more creative. I really hope that we do many more blogs this year in English.

Ishmael Beah where is he now?

Ishmael Beah is now twenty seven years old and lives in New York. Later after writing the book "A Long Way Gone" Ishmael was actually brought into a lawsuit stating that the things that he wrote in this book were untruthful. The accusation said that there were certin parts in the book that did not check out. This situation really interests me because I think that it is really low to have to accuse a man who has gone through all of that in his very short life just to make yourself look good at your job. This accusation kinda makes me mad. I know if I had gone through all the deaths, tortures and hell that he has and someone accused me of lying I would be devistated. I would highly reccomend people to read this book and so learn more about the lawsuit held against him. They have taught me so much.