Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ishmael Beah where is he now?

Ishmael Beah is now twenty seven years old and lives in New York. Later after writing the book "A Long Way Gone" Ishmael was actually brought into a lawsuit stating that the things that he wrote in this book were untruthful. The accusation said that there were certin parts in the book that did not check out. This situation really interests me because I think that it is really low to have to accuse a man who has gone through all of that in his very short life just to make yourself look good at your job. This accusation kinda makes me mad. I know if I had gone through all the deaths, tortures and hell that he has and someone accused me of lying I would be devistated. I would highly reccomend people to read this book and so learn more about the lawsuit held against him. They have taught me so much.

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